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Einstein on the Road


Author: Josef Eisinger

Einstein on the Road

280 pages

Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY, 2011

ISBN 9781616144609




"The image of Albert Einstein possesses a charisma that charms the viewer, whether or not one understands his science theories. His appeal and warmth radiate from his inherent gentle simplicity and basic morality. This benevolence and pacifism are reflected in the excerpts from Einstein’s travel diaries.

“It did not hurt that Einstein was in addition a sympathetic and patient photographer’s subject whose eyes seemed to exude wisdom, kindliness, humor, and a certain rebelliousness.”

Josef Eisinger knits together the trip itineraries and comments that were recorded by Einstein in his travels throughout the world from 1921 to 1933. Escaping from the political unease in Germany in the aftermath of World War I, Einstein accepted a speaking tour to Japan. On this journey, the ship stopped in Singapore and several ports in China. The voyage on the return to Germany made stops in Palestine and Spain. In the mid-1920s, Einstein and his wife Elsa visited Argentina and Brazil. The travelogue continues with ship passages to Cuba, Panama, Pasadena, England, parts of Europe, and finally the flight from Germany to Princeton. The author presents an excellent concise biography of Einstein and vividly describes the history behind the hostile atmosphere that erupted in Germany. This memoir recalls Einstein’s perceptions of the different cultures encountered, and his interactions with heads of state and notable personalities in the humanities and sciences. The reading gives us another view of the genius who left his impression on our world.

Reviewed by Aron Row"

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