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"Our situation on this earth seems strange. Every one of us appears here, involuntarily and uninvited,
for a short stay, without knowing the why and the wherefore."

Albert Einstein's Credo, 1932



Aufzählung Reflections on Relativity
Aufzählung Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Aufzählung Space Time Travel
Aufzählung Albert Einstein - Annalen der Physik

To the picture on the right side:

"This picture is based on data of the Meteosat satellite. It seems to always "stand" above the same point, because it rotates exactly with the rotation of the Earth. The satellite serves one of the typical space applications, i.e. observation of weather patterns and weather forecasts, including warnings of gale and thunderstorm." (German Aerospace Center DLR)

The Earth

The Earth

Illustrations credits: German Aerospace Center DLR

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